Murals & Wallpaper

If you’ve got something to say, why not say it loud and proud with murals and wallpaper? A blank wall presents an opportunity to strengthen your company brand and provide character to any room.

Enhance any space with this creative option


Using a variety of textures and materials, Pro-Screen can help you transform any blank space into a colorful canvas that showcases your brand and brings life to your office, retail shop, school—anywhere a wall beckons.

While paint is typically the default aesthetic choice for a space, it doesn’t offer the attention-getting promise of custom wallpaper and murals. These choices make a bold statement and inspire pride in your staff, while sending an intriguing message to visitors that you’re a company proud of its brand and what you stand for.

Whether you opt to feature a life-sized logo or mascot, share your brand messaging, or customize an artistic design, murals and wallpaper will liven up any space. A personalized approach to your walls showcases your attention to detail and artistic flair.

Quality matters more than ever

Ready to make a statement with wallpaper or a mural? When attempting something so vast, it’s more important than ever to have a high resolution image—and Pro-Screen delivers. An inferior product can mar the look of your space and negatively influence brand perception.

That’s why you want to rely on a partner who has extensive experience in this medium and can assure you the highest quality. After all, murals and wallpaper represent an investment in your brand—but one that will pay off as it highlights your taste and brand affiliation.

At Pro-Screen, our product quality is just one aspect of our service that keeps customers coming back time and again. We’ll start with an on-site consultation in order to get correct measurements and give our experienced opinion on what sort of design or message would work for a given area. You don’t want to overpower a room with a treatment that’s too big, nor do you want to lose the message by making it too small.

After your team agrees on the look you want, Pro-Screen will create the top-quality product it’s known for. Then we’ll oversee installation to ensure the finished result meets your expectations.

Trust an expert to make your statement

Our experienced professionals can provide insight as you choose the medium that fits your needs and budget and then oversee the entire process as you communicate your message and build your brand in the way that’s best for you.

But don’t take our word for it. As the specialty printing leader in the Fresno area for more than three decades, we have a host of happy customers who have been delighted with our efforts to transform blah walls into an enticing showcase with wallpaper and murals that highlight their brand message. We invite you to talk to them about how our solutions met their needs and see our quality for yourself.


And with Pro-Screen, you’ll find that our attention to detail and quality is surpassed only by our commitment to customer service. After all, the only thing we love more than creating inventive designs and products is seeing them come to life as we deliver them to our client and view the finished product on display.

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