Championship Signs & Record Boards

The last-minute sprint that fueled the runner to the finish line. The eloquent insight that won the debate. School pride runs deep, and championship boards can keep those moments of celebration top of mind.

Whether they’re athletes or mathletes, students deserve to be celebrated in academic, athletic, or performing arts accomplishments, and Pro-Screen can help with high-quality championship boards that set your school apart.

Where should you put championship boards?

Pro-Screen can help you instill personal and school pride through signs that honor individual and team performance, whether for a short-term event or ongoing recognition. Decorate your gym, brand your athletic facilities, and recognize the success of your students throughout campus with championship signs, gym signs, and record boards.

Pro-Screen can offer a wide variety of signs, from permanent additions that celebrate your history over the years, to progressive signs that allow you to add names, years, and achievements on an ongoing basis.

Display your pride with signs dotting the landscape to motivate and inspire. Just a few of the places you can brighten with championship boards include:

  • Gym
  • Field fences
  • Athletic facilities
  • Locker room
  • Workout room
  • Theater
  • Art studio
  • Hallways
  • School entrance
  • Administrative offices
  • Foyer
  • Anywhere you want to remind students, staff and visitors of school accomplishments

You can also create signs for more temporary uses, such as:

  • Award ceremonies
  • Honor roll notification
  • Club meetings
  • Pep rallies
  • Community gatherings
  • Arts performances


Quality matters

As a trusted Fresno-based business, Pro-Screen has worked with school districts throughout Fresno and the surrounding areas to create championship boards that represent both a tribute to school history and a goal to inspire current and future students.

Our proven process ensures you’ll be pleased with your signage program. First we’ll discuss the intended use with a customized consultation that allows us to fully understand the desired outcome so we can suggest the right signage that fits your needs and budget. After all, some ceremonies might just require a temporary solution, yet if you select a cheaper product that you hope will be long-lasting, it can quickly show wear and tear—diminishing the achievement and potentially tarnishing your reputation. Pro-Screen specializes in durable signs that can withstand the elements and stand as a testament to the success of your teams and students, year in and year out.

We’ll work with you to help you choose the right shape and size to support a distinctive message on the intended wall or surface, and of course, will render your school colors vividly with our high-quality printing process.

A reputation for success

The goal of championship signs is to highlight your school’s performance, but we know that our reputation hangs right along with yours. That’s why you’ll want to seek Pro-Screen’s expertise and allow our experienced team to help you choose the right signage solution so your message of success and pride comes through loud and clear.

Call Pro-Screen today to find out why we are the partner of choice for schools and organizations throughout the Valley—and how we can help celebrate your school’s accomplishments with the quality and creative product they deserve.

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