COVID Signage

It's been a challenging few months...

…coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, but the only silver lining is the sense that we are all in this together. As we begin to figure out what the “next normal” looks like, we are all feeling cautious, especially when we have to emerge from our homes. 

Businesses, schools, retailers, restaurants, hospitals, office buildings—any company that hosts customers or employees on their site—knows that it’s a necessity to welcome and reassure their visitors and clients. We understand that many of your guests might be unsure of new protocols and wary regarding their health and safety.

Information signage for safety and best practices

Whether you are following local guidelines or adding rules you believe are necessary for health and safety, many companies will likely have new protocols regarding wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, or removing self-service options. Both your employees and customers want to make sure they are complying with guidelines and that your business is heeding safety best practices, which is why displaying clear, concise signage is essential. 

That’s where Pro-Screen can help. We have been working with companies just like yours to help create the informational signage you need to share important messages without overpowering your branding, offerings, or aesthetic. 

Tailored solutions for your school or organization

Our consultants can talk with you about the messages you want to convey and help you phrase them in a way that is caring and positive, but decisive. We can provide suggestions on the number, size, and types of signs that would work for you and help you decide where to post them. We will work within your brand guidelines and existing décor to make sure the signs both stand out for their important information and blend in, so that their presence isn’t jarring.

While we know we can’t return to everything the way it was before, customers want to find some semblance of “normalcy” as they emerge. And if your business has been on hold, you’re eager to resume operations and make sales, while being careful to adhere to local regulations and address your employees’ and guests’ potential concerns.

During our two decades in business, we’ve created signage for hundreds of school districts and restaurants, and thousands of businesses of all types. Along the way, we’ve dealt with countless situations where new laws or conditions required new guidelines. 


Reopen safely with custom designed signage

In an attempt to help our customers convey their messaging regarding COVID-19, we’ve developed multiple options for COVID-19-related signage for schools, restaurants, and businesses. A number of examples are shown to give you a starting point for the types of signs that might be relevant to your business. We also have been creating custom signage quickly in an effort to help our valued customer’s reopen and serve their employees and clients safely. 

Your signage needs have never been greater or more complex, but Pro-Screen is here to help. We invite you to set up an appointment today so that our consultants can meet with you at our shop or your site to discuss your messaging and help you create the signs you need to share critical information for the health and safety of your employees, customers, and visitors. 

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