Introducing our patent-pending solution for improved school safety:

Emergency Roof Identifiers

We have developed a turnkey building identifier program to improve communication and response time between law enforcement agencies and school officials.

Improve School Safety

The ERI system gives a birds-eye view and digital map of your school campus, allowing law enforcement to quickly respond to incidents.

Easily Integrated

We ship directly to your site, and installation can be completed by facilities personnel or approved roofing contractors without damaging the roof or voiding roof warranties.

Enhance Communication

Digital plans of identifiers will be provided to the site to distribute to local emergency responders as needed

School Safety has become one of the most important topics being discussed on every school campus and at every school district.

Pro-Screen Print, Signs, and Graphics has developed a system, Emergency Roof Identifiers™. To help first responders navigate school campuses faster, therefore improving response time. Emergency Roof Identifiers help make school campuses safer, and also come with a 4-year warranty.

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With strategic partnerships across the U.S., our ERI system can be implemented in any school district in the nation.