Top School Signage Trends

As the American Rescue Plan of 2021 is signed into law, school officials are breathing a sigh of relief as they realize that necessary funding will soon be flowing to schools, to complement existing funding from Title I. 

While the money will be deployed to a number of areas of need, one opportunity is to use a portion of the allocation to augment your school signage program, as a way to educate and inform your many audiences, while improving school culture. 

School signage is a visible way to help the entire community, from students to teachers and staff, families and guests, understand the values for which your school stands. They present a way to highlight achievements, celebrate success and build school spirit. Spotlighting positive messages inspires students to do—and be—their best.

School signage options that go to the head of the class

As principal or school leader, your role is to build a vibrant ecosystem. That’s where signage can come in, as a way to reflect your behavioral expectations in an eye-catching and effective way. Several top school signage trends for 2022 include:

1. Emergency Roof Identifiers

School Safety has become one of the most important topics being discussed on every school campus and at every school district.

Pro-Screen Print, Signs, and Graphics has developed a system, Emergency Roof Identifiers™. To help first responders navigate school campuses faster, therefore improving response time. Emergency Roof Identifiers help make school campuses safer, and also come with a 4-year warranty.

2. Creating an acronym using your school name or motto.

“Spell out” what makes your school and student body special with an acrostic signage program that uses the first letter of each word to represent a value or tenet that your school exhibits. A design like this can be the cornerstone of a cohesive signage program that carries out a catchy theme throughout your grounds to remind and reinforce the expectations your school has. These types of messages emphasize a positive culture and can help improve attendance, behavior and safety while incorporating a sense of creativity.

3. Developing impact branding with large graphics that make a big splash on campus. 

School signage trends for 2022 include attention-getting graphics that are bold—in size, imaging and color. Today we are so immersed in messages—one estimate says that we are exposed to an astonishing 6,000 to 10,000 ads per day!—that it can be hard to get your message across in that sea of competition. That’s why you should embrace two clear strategies: make your images and signs large; and repeat your message frequently. By working with a partner who understands the value of a comprehensive signage program, you can be sure your dollars are spent in ways that will count, earning mindshare and buy-in from the school community. One format to consider is DuraSigns, a Pro-Screen trademarked product, that puts your message on durable, rigid materials that can withstand harsh outdoor elements and protect your investment for years to come. 

4. Using window graphics as a great branding opportunity that adds privacy and safety.

Windows present a fantastic canvas for sharing important messages, but signage can also pull double duty as a privacy feature. “Clear focus” protects students through one-way vision or frosted vinyl that provides privacy with a polished interior finish. You can use any imagery you like, such as your mascot, welcoming words or your school motto to greet and inform visitors, while knowing that no one can see the classrooms inside. It’s easy to see why these specialty graphics are popular with our school customers.

A powerful signage program serves many functions

An effective signage program presents an opportunity for principals to put their stamp on their school and broadcast ideas the entire school can rally around.

A strategic, planful school signage program can provide a heavy lift that takes the weight off of you. Positive messages underscore the core of what a school stands for and instills pride in all who spend time on the campus. Aesthetics are important in driving school culture—in fact, at a time when budgets for capital improvements are tight, a simple update like new signage can play an important part in rebranding a school and showcasing its commitment to its families and staff.

At the same time, signs can also inform the school community of new safety protocols in place and other ways you are working to enhance your families’ experience.  

Making a great first impression

You’ve probably heard the adage, “You never have a second chance to make a good first impression.” Those are words that principals can take to heart, to mirror what their students are feeling as they come back to your doors.

In fact, as you welcome students back, put yourself in their shoes and experience their excitement. Just as many students will commemorate the first day with a new outfit and backpack, fresh pencils, and an optimistic attitude, your school grounds should reflect that spirit of enthusiasm with updated signage that echoes the hope and anticipation they feel.

Are you ready to revitalize your school signage? Rely on Pro-Screen for all your school signage needs. For three decades we’ve been “outfitting” schools in Fresno and the surrounding areas with the high-quality signs they need to convey important information and acknowledge student accomplishments.  

We can walk through your facility and grounds to point out areas where signage can help share important health and safety messages, highlight school rules and values or just celebrate notable achievements.

Our experienced team will then offer advice on types of school signage that would work best to grab attention, while expressing the key information you need to share with your school community.  

Call us today to introduce a fresh school messaging program tomorrow.