Vehicle Wraps and Fleet Wraps

Whether you’re driving around town or parked in a high-traffic area, your vehicle—or your entire fleet—can serve as a moving billboard when it’s wrapped with bold, attention-getting graphics that expose your message to thousands of new customers. 

Why a vehicle wrap?

Vehicle wraps are far more flexible than painting your car or van, as you can change your message as often as you like at a far more reasonable cost than re-painting. Our clients often change up their theme keep their marketing fresh, while maintaining their brand image and aesthetic.

Prioritize quality, while enjoying cost-effective rates

If you’ve never considered a vehicle wrap, you are likely to be surprised at their affordability compared with other forms of advertising. But at Pro-Screen, that competitive pricing never comes at a sacrifice to quality. Many companies might claim they can do professional vehicle wraps, but for such a high-profile project, you need to work with an expert that has the experience to ensure your message is conveyed with sharp precision graphics, rich colors, and the correct wrap “placement” so the public can understand your brand promise at a glance. Resolution matters in large format printing, and the Pro-Screen team are experts as early adopters of this technology.

An inexperienced vendor might supply an inferior product, and in the worst-case scenario can even damage the paint on your vehicle, causing it to chip or scratch. Make sure to check credentials and read reviews to seek out an experienced supplier. Pro-Screen, for example, has many satisfied customers who can attest to its superior artistry, careful application, and customer service commitment.

Go with a pro

At Pro-Screen, we’re proud of our local heritage as an experienced print shop that has partnered with most of the Fresno area’s top companies, from startups to corporations. In fact, we’ve been one of Central California’s top full-service digital printing companies for nearly three decades. Our clients return again and again because they depend on us for strategic advice, design solutions, premiere products, and seamless service from concept to the finished product that you proudly drive out.   

Vehicle wraps are a cost-effective advertising solution, but should always be done by a trusted professional in order to ensure striking graphic design and flawless, vibrant color printing.

Depend on Pro-Screen to help you make sure your miles pull double duty with high-quality, colorful wraps that are one the most effective advertising “vehicles” around.

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