School Safety & Behavioral Expectation Signs

School safety is top of mind for everyone in a school community—from students and staff to visitors and parents. That’s why engaging signage can help your school not only be loud and clear about the rules, but loud and proud about the behavior your community aspires to.

Clear, but positive wording. Whether the messages are related to stopping bullying or vaping, or promoting the standards and ideals your school supports, Pro-Screen can help you with wording that conveys behavioral messaging directly, yet constructively.

Schools need to ensure the signage they use spells out the rules in a way that everyone can understand, no matter what the issue, but that doesn’t mean they have to be negative.

The experts at Pro-Screen can help your team wordsmith the ideas you want to highlight, while using a tone that invites agreement. 

We also can consult on your campus signage program to make sure you cover all the topics that your school needs to address. For example, some of the types of signs you might want to consider to create a positive school experience are:

  • Parking lot signage that explains drop-off and pick-up procedures to keep children and drivers safe and traffic flowing
  • Playground signs that detail game rules as well as promote positive ideals like inclusion
  • Front door signage to let visitors know that vaping and smoking aren’t permitted; masks are required; and any other key safety rules everyone should heed
  • Front office signage that reminds visitors to check in and reinforces any safety rules
  • Hall signage to remind children not to run and other campus rules
  • Character signs that reinforce various traits your school is working to impart

An easy process from start to finish

 With the many tasks that every school administrator has to carry out, we know how important it is to streamline the process. That’s why you can rely on the experienced Pro-Screen team to handle your job with the utmost care and attention.

We’ll be with you every step of the way:

  • Walking the property to discuss your signage needs according to your facility layout and budget
  • Helping you conceptualize design, from graphics, to words, colors, shape, size, material and more
  • Printing your signage with our signature bold, vibrant colors on durable materials
  • Making sure your signage is installed to your exact specifications

A pedigree that’s top of the classWith more than 20 years of experience working with schools all over the Fresno area and beyond, Pro-Screen offers proven service, backed by hundreds of happy clients in all industries, including the top schools in the area.

There’s a reason we have the word “pro” in our name—our clients agree that we provide professional service throughout every job, with clear, concise communication; personable customer service; and of course, a top-quality product we’re proud of—and you will be, too.

Want to know more about how Pro-Screen can help you with all your school signage needs? Contact us today for a consultation.

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