School Spirit & School Logo Signs

School pride is an intangible but vital characteristic that unites students, staff, fans, and families. But fortunately there are tangible ways to let your pride shine through, with school spirit signs that proclaim your affinity, celebrate success, and create a sense of community that inspires and celebrates. Let Pro-Screen help your school declare its pride with our high-quality product and exceptional customer service.

Endless uses for school spirit signs

There are many ways to make a powerful first impression on your campus with school spirit signs. Pro-Screen designs solutions to highlight your logo and branding—including your mascot and school colors—in interior and exterior locations all around campus. For example, school spirit signs can be mounted in areas such as the:

  • Entry
  • Parking lot
  • Gym
  • Bleachers
  • Fields
  • Athletic facilities
  • Locker room
  • Workout room
  • Theater
  • Art studio
  • Hallways
  • Administrative offices

School spirit signs are appropriate throughout your school and campus as a way to express the honor your student body feels through its school affiliation. Whether your goal is to build a sense of community, instill pride for specific achievements, or contribute to a sense of ownership with students and families, school spirit signs liven up your campus and reflect your commitment to excellence.

Overseeing the school spirit sign process with proven performance

Pro-Screen consultants can complete the job from start to finish, taking one more task off your busy schedule.

First, we’ll discuss your needs and budget. Then we suggest a site visit where we can see existing signage and make suggestions for opportunities you might be missing. We’ll offer insight from our library of designs that allow you to showcase your pride in multiple creative ways.  

As one of the Fresno area’s most trusted signage partners, we’ve helped dozens of campuses just like yours develop a signage program that underscores your spirit and incites pride. After we mutually decide on the right options for you, we will help design the signs, offering advice on the shapes, sizes, and colors that will fulfill your goals and create a distinctive and attractive look.

Our experienced team will print the signs on time and on budget, producing a product with rich, long-lasting color saturation that will look bright and bold for years to come. Then we will carefully and professionally install them throughout your campus so they reflect the care and attention your school devotes to everything it does.

Signs are one of the first visual representations of your school, and it’s vital to make a striking and positive impression with school spirit signs you’ll be proud of.

We guarantee a seamless experience throughout the program. After all, you know your school, and we know signs.

Rely on Pro-Screen for school spirit sign expertise

We know you’re as proud of your school as we are of our exceptional work, so spirit signs are a favorite project of ours. Everyone remembers the excitement they felt at a school event and the affiliation they felt to the school mascot and wearing their school colors with confidence. We can’t wait to discuss your project and provide customized solutions for a school spirt sign program that will let your pride shine through.

Call Pro-Screen today to find out how you can improve the look and feel of your campus with school spirit signs the whole community will appreciate.

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